Research & Development


Thanks to our continuous commitment to invest in new and developmental research projects, Agrimex is recognized as a reliable and knowledgeable supplier of innovative and unique additives.

We are able to rely on our team of highly qualified technical staff members with many years of hands-on experience in both feed and food industry product development and application. The team is directly responsible for setup and follow-up of both general and customer specific research efforts.

Continuous efforts to enhance our understanding of animal production technology improves our ability to successfully develop new products and product applications. Expanding our in-depth knowledge of a product’s underlying mode of action is an integral part of that effort.

In many cases our technical team works closely together with external experts. This gives us the opportunity to constantly develop our knowledge, exchange ideas and experiences with leading academic researchers of different scientific fields from around the world. Therefore, we are capable of reacting fast and accurately to emerging needs in the feed and food industry worldwide.